Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacation Update

Well, I haven't decided anything yet. I've looked at plane ticket prices and that might be the thing that makes the final decision. To fly to Hawaii is around $1000 per person!! I'm sure the price goes up and down from there, but my parents have gone several times, and each time they pay around $800 per person. Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Mexico were all around $500-$600 per person. The cheapest by far was San Diego. It was only like $250 per person.
Another thing is that Andrew's job can change in a moment's time. He could be given an assignment in Texas, or Florida, or Ohio, and then we wouldn't be able to go on vacation at all. So, I don't want to spend money on plane tickets, just to have to cancel them. Oh what a dilemma...
I will keep you all updated on what we decide.

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Hawklady said...

Well, you could always go this summer or fall instead of May if Andrew's job interferes.