Friday, August 20, 2010

First Bath at home

On Wednesday night we gave Michael his first bath in the baby tub.
While we were in Alabama, we attempted to give him a bathe in the sink, and it was a disaster. He screamed the entire time, and then when we got him out, he pooped in his cute ducky towel. We Put him back in the bath and washed off the poop, took him out, put him in a new clean towel, and he pooped in that one too. So, we have been waiting to give him another bath until the moment was right. Well, Wednesday was the night. We had him laying on the floor, airing off his butt and he pooped! I had a towel down, and a diaper, so we contained the mess pretty well. So as we were cleaning up that mess, he poops again!! I took that as a good sign that it was time for a bath. I went and got his little tub and put it in the kitchen sink and filled it with nice warm water.
When we put him in, we were expecting him to scream, but instead be smiled and really enjoyed it!
The best part was that when we took him out and put him in his ducky towel, he didn't poop!
He was happy as can be. There is nothing better then the sweet smell of a clean baby.

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