Friday, August 27, 2010

What a Week!

This has been a crazy week. I have wanted to post an update several different times, but I just never found the time. Here is a brief overview of our week:
Michael received a beautiful flower arrangement from his Great Aunt Marjie and Uncle Barry.
On Sunday, we tried out the swing for the first time, and he really liked it. We have since put him in it a couple more times, and each time, he really enjoys it.
On Monday, our friend Lindsay and her son Ethan came to visit. They are moving to NY, and I hate that our boys aren't going to be able to grow up together.
Also on Monday, Mommy went back to work. But Michael got to come too, and he is a wonderful assistant. I work for a company that is closing down, and I thought I would be done, by the time Michael got here, but it turns out they still need my help. So we go in every day at 1 and work till 5. Michael is so great while we are there. He mostly just sleeps, but when he is awake, he keeps all of the men there entertained.
Here Michael is with Jonathan at work. Friday was his last day, and we are going to miss him so much.
On Wednesday, we went over to my parents house and Sarah's family was there. That was the first time for Henry and Zoe to see Michael. They both loved holding him, and Henry even gave him a little kiss.
Andrew, Michael and I with Grandma Cox.
Four Generations - Great Grandma Cox, Papa Cox, Me and Michael

Every morning, Michael has about an hour and a half of good awake time. He is so happy, and just loves to look around.
I got out this toy for him to play with, and he just loves to look at it and smile.
It has been a great week, but a busy week.

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