Saturday, August 7, 2010


On Thursday night, I met Jessica in Greenville at the Switch-A-Roos Consignment sale. It was the first night of the sale, and it was only open to consignors and first time moms. I left right after work and headed straight to Greenville. As I was getting off the interstate, I got a flat tire. I pulled into the first parking lot I could get to, and standing in the parking lot, was an old friend! I haven't seen him in probably 6 years, and I really believe that God was watching out for me! What a Godsend! Kyle changed the flat tire for me, and as he was changing the tire, I found out that his wife reads my blog! So - Hi Jenn! Thanks for reading!
So, after the tire was changed, Jessica and I made our way over to the  consignment sale. We had no idea what to expect, but as we were walking in, and saw all these women carrying laundry baskets full of stuff out of the sale, I knew we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Here is a picture I took with my iPhone.

As you can see, it was huge! Next year, I will be more prepared. I was able to get a few things that we would need. I bought a bottle warmer, a car seat double headrest, a super cute outfit, and a winter coat-like thing. We will still be in his carrier, this winter, so I figured it would be good to have. It has a slot on the bottom for the seat belt to go through. In total, I spent $21.20. Not too bad.

We had so much fun, and we will definitely go again next year. On Sunday, everything is half off, and I wish I was able to go on Sunday, but I won't be able to make it.


Alaythea said...

We have something here just like that called WeeRuns, I've been two years in a row and I love it! I always get some great deals on really nice clothes for my 3 year old. This year I'm going to be selling clothes and I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for mentioning Kyle and I...and yes I am one of your faithful readers. We're so happy for you and Andrew and you both will be in our prayers!!!

kellyn2girls1boy said...

if this coming winter is as cold as it was last winter, you will need that coat for sure, I know that Elise would have frozen if we didn't have ours.